Musical Tetris    with Physics
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Cubes can bounce and produce sounds! Unite in chains and spin around. Drag and drop shapes. Use keyboard, joystick, mouse!

Vitamini can help you to calm down and relax, it helps me and I believe we all are the same!

It's so musical so stressless! A heavenly harmony can be brought by blending physics with music.

I’ve tried to get this game on PSP but didn't get very lucky:

«Unfortunately, Sony can not
offer any funding for your games»
Of course! Our games are too good for you!

After all, I can release this game on PC for free and this is good!
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Thanks, Evgeny V. H.

* 3 games in 1
* Runs on Windows
* Requires DX9.0c
* Suits for kids
* Player's support

  * In next versions *
any amount
through PayPal
Project status. Last updated: August 18, 2017
Dear Vitaminig Game users!

We're just about to start a new business in another area (glad to introduce our daughter company - Morning Blessing Amplification). We're working very hard to make it possible to come back to Vitamini game, now with our own funding, and make such an outstanding sequel, that will leave everyone thinking it all made sense.

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Sincerely yours,
Eugene Homchenko, Codygain Games.
Made by Codygain Games in St. Petersburg

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